Christian beliefs are constantly challenged and shaped by many influences outside the church. Without adequate answers, confusion and crisis often results. TrueLife® offers reliable answers from a biblical worldview via the Web that are non-threatening and easy to understand. Answers are presented free of charge in an online video format by qualified experts in the fields of biblical studies, theology, history, philosophy, ethics and science. Using experts from across the world, TrueLife® answers life’s most challenging questions through interesting and engaging video and article formats.

Life’s tough. It’s even tougher when you rely on the world to get you through it. Why are we here? What happens when we’re gone? Does God really love me? Why does God allow bad things to happen? Why do I feel so alone? These answers, and more, aren’t found in the world, but in the Word – God’s holy Word.

Feel free to browse through the videos below to learn more about how to find the answers to some of life’s toughest questions. If you still have questions we invite you to visit us at Westway Baptist Church and speak with our Pastor, David Barrett; our Sunday School teachers; Deacons; or any member of our Christ centered ministries.