Pastor’s Blog


Well, summer is still here. The official last day of summer is September 23rd. For sure we have had a hot summer. Lately it has also been a dry summer. Oh well! Welcome to Houston, Texas. Turn down your thermostats and cool off and watch your electricity bills rise. Hey, it is what it is. Just be thankful that whatever is going on in your life, Jesus will walk every step with you. While you are cooling off, open your Bible and get some Holy Spirit inspiration.

Let’s make September Inspiration Month. Let’s come out of the doldrums of summer and carry the message of salvation to our community. To get us moving, I have designated September 15th as Back to Church Sunday. The theme word is TOGETHER. Our attendance has slumped during the summer. Let’s build it up. We have many tools to get the word out and into the community surrounding Westway. The key is how many of us are willing to be a good steward and spread the word? Can we count on you?

Between September 3rd and the 10th, 5,000 homes will receive an invite card to Back to Church Sunday. We will have doorhangers and a new Engager entitled, TOGETHER, that you can pass out in your neighborhood and where you shop and eat. Also, postcards for you to mail to family and friends. I encourage you to take your church directory (updated one available soon…check with church office) and call those who have not been attending and let them know you have missed them. Don’t forget Facebook and other social media. Sunday School teachers are encouraged to call the absentee members of their class and invite them back to Westway. Let’s get inspired!

Standing on His Promises,

Bro. David