Pastor’s Post :  David Barrett, May 17, 2019

July 15-19: Vacation Bible School — 9:00 am – NOON
Would you like to work in VBS? Contact Tina Terranova at (832) 725-8776.

May 26 – Memorial Day Picnic. – Sign up in Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, May 19, 2019
9:45 am – Bible Study
11:00 am – Morning Worship “The Lord’s Supper”
Matthew 26:26-30
4:30 pm – Choir Rehearsal
5:30 pm – Evening Worship “Personal Discipleship”
Luke 14:25-35
6:30 pm – Church Council
Monday, May 20, 2019
7:00 pm – Ladies Bible Study
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
6:00 am – Men’s Prayertime
12:00 pm – Senior Adult Event
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
4:45 pm — $3 Meal – Parmesan Pasta Casserole
6:00 pm – Adult Bible Study
6:00 pm – Youth Bible Study
6:00 pm – AWANA Clubs

Please pray that God will send us a Minister of Youth.
Noah Barrett – David and Pat’s grandson. All week long in hospital emergency rooms and doctor’s offices. One doctor did say he had gastroparesis. Memorial Hermann admitted him today and the doctors have diagnosed his problem as diabetes which causes gastroparesis. His blood sugar was 600. Praise the Lord we have a diagnosis and moving in the right direction. They are moving him to ICU since his blood sugar was so high.
Larry Davidson – Deborah Russell’s son-in-law. Had surgery to remove some growths in his throat. None of them are cancerous, but one was pressing on his vocal cords. Surgery was successful and he is home. Goes back to LBJ next Tuesday and they will take out the drain tube.
Connie Campos — She is home and recuperating. Keep her and Francisco in your prayers.
Minnie Gano – Sister of Jay Bangle has early stages of dementia.
Charles Birgin – Brother of Vera (She lives close to the church and attends Bible study group and senior adult activities). Charles had a stroke on Monday which caused a brain bleed. Surgery on
Wednesday was successful. Pray for complete healing.
Brenda Moore – Continue to pray for Her and Robert, too. Both have health problems.
Butch Woodall – Friend of Dorothy Vineyard has colon cancer. Pray for healing and salvation.
Gwen Patton – In constant pain. Medicine and shots are not helping. She is now in pain management.
Ronada Bangle – The doctors have put her on antibiotics to fight infection.
Ruth Knight – Having problems with sight. She can only see in her peripheral vision. Recently she began having hearing problems as well.
Billy Lacoste – Grandson–in-law of Buddy and Sue Capshaw. He is home and his speech is returning.
Diane Anderson – She is recuperating at home. It was good to see her in worship last Sunday. But she is still having problems with fluid build-up in her lungs.
Summer Rhone – Daughter of Toni Daniel, Is doing better and healing from a broken leg and an appendectomy.
Evelyn Johnson is doing much better. She is now in Rm. 109, 12921 Misty Willow (behind Fiesta). Misty Willow Rehab.
Jeff Waller – brother of Eileen Sidlo is now in a senior adult home. Having issues with alcohol. Also, pray for his salvation.
Liz Bentz – Friend of Bob and Eileen Sidlo. Having multiple health issues. Pray for salvation.
Phyllis Mueller – Back problems
Steve Shaddox – Son-in-law of Carol Forloine had a heart attack. He is doing better and is home.
Cindi Hughes – She has finished her Chemo. PTL!
Austin Manning – He is sleeping better. There is a possible treatment for his disease. Pray that his scoliosis is not too bad that he cannot get the treatment. He will be taking an EEG and MRI looking to see if he has had seizures. Also, Day Nurse has been unreliable lately.
Jennifer Jones and daughter Raeya — Kathy Hatcher’s daughter and granddaughter are both doing well.
Julia Gaitz – Harold Hatcher’s mom. Please keep her in your prayers. It was good she was able to attend Sunday Worship.
Klara Barnes – Granddaughter of Buddy and Sue Capshaw. Her ear continues to drain. Doctor’s took the stent out, but continue to fight infection with antibiotics.
Chris Goodman – He is having stomach problems. Continue to pray for his wife, Trudy. A part on her bed that helps elevate her legs broke.
Sue Capshaw is still in pain, with her hips and knees.
James and Yolanda Mitcham Doing better.
Tommye Wolverton – Doing better.
Becky Ernst– Jackie Wood’s sister. Pray for healing of continued health issues.
Harold Wood, Jackie Wood’s husband is home, but cannot walk very well on his own. He did see a specialist on Tuesday, 5/14/19.
Loleen Styers needs our prayers. She has good days and bad days. And don’t forget Jimmy as He is by her side through this illness.
Sydney Hughes – Having problems with healing a place on her foot. Having insurance problems concerning a procedure on her eyes that will help her see well.
Walt Russell’s procedure went well, but will need follow up on infection in his throat and another colonoscopy in November. Pray for healing.
Carol Newsome – Having good days and bad days. Had stomach problems this week.
Carla Smiley – She is home and doing better. She will need to make some decisions on chemo treatments.
Opal McPhail – She is home, but is now in hospice. Pray for Trish as she cares for her mom and pray for the family.
Sandi Crawford – She is still having fluid buildup and now is anemic. She has good days and bad days.
Dorothy Lyons – Friend of Sandi Crawford had back surgery. Now she has a staph infection and blood poisoning. She has been quarantined.
Mary Nevels – Doing better, but still having heart problems.
Jeffery Atkins – Had a couple of seizures last week and spent some time in North Cypress Emergency Room. He is home.
Karen Stone – Bob and Eileen’s daughter still having problems with pain.
Chestnut family—All three, Keith, Lucille and Julie are having medical difficulties. Keith had to go to St Luke’s in the Vintage this week. He has blocked bowels.
Eva Ray – Continue your prayers for the Ray family. Eva has to have constant care.
Steve Rohan – Jean Fournier’s brother is still fighting stage 4 cancer. His step-son Ron Cloier continues to fight his health problems, as well. Please pray for strength for Shirley as she is
the caregiver.
Danny Hindmon – Friend of the Barrett’s. He has pancreatic cancer. He is taking chemo treatments
Susan Holland – Friend of Brenda Heaton. Lost her job after ten years of employment. Her husband is disabled
Earl Lawrence – Bus Driver at Orchard Park. Had Bladder Cancer and now is on chemo. He is doing better.

Joe Evans
Ismael Mendez

Ambassadors for Christ

“We are ambassadors for Christ, as though God is pleading through us; we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.” –2 Corinthians 5:20, NKJV–
Yes, we are ambassadors for Christ. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “ambassador” as an official envoy; especially: a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government. We are an authorized representative or messenger of our sovereign God, Jesus Christ. That means we carry a message from Jesus Christ to be told to the world.
In verses 18-19, Paul tells us that Jesus “has given us the ministry of reconciliation.” He “has committed to us the word of reconciliation.” We are to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ everywhere we go. You see, we are ambassadors with a message.
I mentioned last week about a devotion book entitled, Evangelism Takes Heart. This is not another seminar or meetings that you have to attend. You will use this book in your devotion time on a daily basis.

Pastor Paul Mints contributed to this devotion book. He wrote, “Intimacy is the fuel to our being used by God to draw others to His heart, but busyness smothers our passion and fire. If it is true that you teach what you know and reproduce what you are, then it stands to reason that if we are living in a constant state of distant in our relationship with the heart of our heavenly Father, then we have very little to teach someone does not know Him at all. In other words you cannot give what you do not know.”1

I hope we will have these in hand soon so we can begin to cultivate our hearts for evangelism.

See you Sunday. Come and join us as we share together in The Lord’s Supper.
1 SBTC, (2019) Evangelism Takes Heart (p. 18) Grapevine, TX 76051, SBTC,

Have a blessed day,
David Barrett