Music Ministry Blog

A few words from our
                       Minister of Music:

As I have been working from home these past few weeks, I am praying for not only my immediate family but my church family and friends!

God is still God and He does not slumber when it comes to His children.  With this truth in mind, we still live in a world around us that is cautious.  With our authorities giving a recommendation to not assemble for the next few weeks, we will abide and will “move forward one day at a time, one week at a time”.

Our choir has been working on our Easter Presentation:  “Eyes of Faith” and it is a beautiful and powerful presentation of God’s redemption and provision for us as He went to the cross for the forgiveness of all of our sins.

We anticipate that we may not be able to be ready for Easter Sunday due to not being able to practice together.  With that being said, we WILL plan to present our musical “sometime”!

Choir, keep practicing on your own and listen to your CD’s!

I pray that we will take this “present situation” to reflect on who God is in our life and draw closer to Him.  Spend time in His Word and Prayer and with your family.  I look forward to being able to worship together corporately very soon!

Watch our service online this Sunday and know that we all are – One in the Bond of His Love.

I love serving God and you,
John Godby