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Joy notes from John

“Jesus, with skin on”

I was going through some old papers this past week and came across my Eulogy for my mother from two years ago.  I know that we all have special people that leave indelible marks on our life…and for me, it was my mother Lois.  After she raised 8 children of her own, she took a “snotty nosed” kid named Johnny, from the broken home of her brother, to raise as her own.  She never made me feel like anything other than one of her own children…all the way up until her dying day at the age of 96.  I think that is the best representation of being “Jesus with skin on”.

She exuded the characteristics of Christ in her everyday life and became a role model for her “9” children, 45 grandchildren, 89 great grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren!  Joy and I love to use the phrase “Jesus with skin on” to encourage all of us to let people see Jesus in us!  I hope you will look for those characteristics of  Jesus and “wear them” every day.       I love serving God AND you!
                                                                                                                                      Because of the Master,    John