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Joy notes from John

As you read this article, we have already celebrated Christmas and are looking forward to Easter!!  Last year we were preparing for an Easter Presentation titled:  Eyes of Faith.  Because of the Pandemic, we had to cancel our presentation.

This year, we are picking it right back up and plan to present it THIS Easter Sunday!  The Eyes of Faith engages all of the senses in a dramatic and captivating display of live music and video.  Worshippers will understand anew the powerfully personal story of Christ’s death and resurrection and through the eyes of faith.  Eyes of Faith uses filmed characters on DVD with live narration, choir and soloists.  The congregation has an opportunity to join by worshipping in song with the choir.  You will hear personal stories from Mary; Joseph; Judas; Peter and others to tell the riveting story of Jesus life; His love and His Sacrifice.

I invite you to join the choir each Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm for rehearsals and join in leading our congregation to give their hearts and voices to Him!

I love serving God AND you!
Because of the Master,