Youth Blog

Greetings: As your new Associate Pastor,  I just want to say again that Bren and I are overwhelmed by the grace and hospitality that y’all have shown us and welcoming us in. It was a long trip. I drove the U-haul pulling my car behind while Bren and her mom, Lorena, drove her car with our little dog that we love, Dolce (dol-chay).

We are still getting settled in and have been trying to explore the huge area when we can. We are excited to serve Westway Baptist and we are excited to see what God has planned for Westway!

Bren used to volunteer at an orphanage in Mexico City. From that orphanage she saw and fell in love with a little girl whose name is Maria. She is blind and has cerebral palsy. Bren decided to bring her home to give her the love and care she really needs. Even though Maria has some difficulty she can light up a room with her smile and laughing! At the moment, Bren’s mom and nanny, Lorena and Poli, are taking care of little Maria in Mexico.

When we were single and did not know each other, we both did mission work. Bren and I still love doing missions and evangelism. Bren went to Haiti to help them when they suffered a major earthquake and I have been to Senegal in Africa. Together we have been to Northern India and Xoximilco, Mexico.

Sunday mornings the youth are going through the Gospel Project book and Wednesday nights I am taking them through the attributes of Scripture which will be about a 5 week study.

Wednesdays 5-6PM – Games/hangout
Wednesday 6-7PM – Bible study

In Christ,
Daniel Baldesi