Missions UPDATE:

Our update for this month is from Jews for Jesus recent newsletter. This organization, that we support monthly, provides missionaries to Jewish populations throughout the world who share Jesus as the Messiah with individuals they meet on the streets or show an interest through friends, churches or other groups of believers. They often work in dangerous situations so names are changed in the reports, but all are recent experiences. The following experiences are from associates in Israel and the United States – yes, we have missionaries on our streets too!

From Israel Avigail Rantanen reports from Israel where she has been reaching out to women in some of the most Orthodox Jewish communities in the world. “Please pray for Sarah, one of the ultra-Orthodox women I see regularly. Divorced from an abusive husband, she is a single mother of 10 kids living in poverty. The reason she is willing to meet with me is her friendship with a Christian woman, Tina. They met at a soup kitchen and became friends. After 10 years, Tina left Israel, but they kept in touch. Eventually we learned about Sarah through a ministry partner (we keep these partners confidential because of the extreme sensitivity and even danger of this type of missions work). At first she was very wary of Messianic Jews because of things she had heard. She feared that if she received help from us, something bad would happen to her. But because of her relationship with Tina, she was open to having our team of women come to visit her and to love and serve her and her children. We have an ongoing ministry with her and little by little she is coming closer and closer to Jesus, Yeshua. Please pray for her salvation! We are so grateful for Christians like Tina, who sow gospel seeds among our people by showing love, care, and concern.”

From New York City Stewart Weinisch reports – “A Jewish man named John called our San Francisco headquarters wanting to know more about Jesus. I was very glad to receive his name and contact information so I could call him. John was thrilled to hear from Jews for Jesus. ‘I have seen the lives of several Christians including Jewish believers in Jesus, and I want what they have that makes them so joyful in life’ he said. ‘I have been reading the New Testament, and I understand the claims of Jesus, but there is still something missing, so I decided to call Jews for Jesus.’ I shared with him a couple of verses and gave my own testimony. He listened and then asked, ‘Well, how do I get that?’ I laid out the gospel from Romans 10:9 and explained what the verse meant – He exclaimed, ‘ I believe that!’ He followed me in a prayer of salvation and now angels are throwing a party in Heaven! Please pray for John to grow in his new faith.”

The full newsletter in on our Missions Board in Fellowship Hall. As we celebrate our nations’ birthday this month, please pray that we truly become “One Nation Under God”. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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