Missions UPDATE:

Once again your love and willingness to share has provided the funds to meet our goal of $3,200 for the annual Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions.  Thank you!

In addition to this annual SBC offering, Westway supports several individual foreign ministries such as Romanian Christian Enterprises (RCE) which reaches abandoned children with special needs in Romania. They recently shared: “Separated from her big brother and abandoned, Alexandria was devastated until RCE brought them back together and placed them in a loving Christian family for life!”  Abandoned children with disabilities are placed in one of several group homes or in adoptive families.  Children placed in families get to go to summer camp with their family. Those in group homes also attend camp and monthly outings including birthday celebrations. RCE works to restore fun, fellowship and childhood delights which have been denied these children.  Most of all, they learn that Jesus loves them!

Our monthly funds also provide support for Jews for Jesus, whose mission is to reach Jewish people with the message that Jesus is their Messiah. This year they initiated a campaign in Moscow.  At great personal risk and working around Russia’s anti-evangelism laws, they reached out and “Praise God, 100 people met their Messiah during the campaign.  Fifty-one of those new believers are Jewish!”  An additional 22 Jewish people accepted Jesus as a result of 96 telephone visits.  We are thankful to have the opportunity to support this exciting ministry.

We are also grateful to share in the Tom Popelka Ministry in Russian Orphanages and remote villages.  God continues to protect his people and provide the means to continue this 20 year  mission also in spite of the anti-evangelism laws. Often the officials of small villages actually invite Tom’s team to return because they provide food and so much Christmas joy in these very poor areas.  Those who have found Jesus previously, often invite their friends and neighbors to services in their homes. They cannot publicly advertise any evangelistic meetings.  This year one meeting was in Poin’keno, a village so remote there is only one road in and out!, There were 18 professions of faith at this meeting! The mayor encourages our work and the Minister of the House of Culture accepted Christ during one of our evangelistic meetings! The orphanages desperately need the gifts and provisions brought along with the dramatic presentations of the Christmas story.  These children are so surprised to learn that Americans really love and care about them.  They also think we are very rich because of the small gifts and fruit they received!  They learn that it is really their Father in Heaven that is rich and truly loves them.  What a joy to participate in this loving ministry.

What will God do in 2020?

Your Missions Committee